Open Operations Officer Job Requirements

All Wounded Warrior Mentors and other interested Parties:

Because our present Operations Officer will be having several medical operations, the Wounded Warrior Mentor Program is in need of an Operations Officer. I hope that one of our existing Mentors and a retiree who wants to give back will step forward to take this position.

The incumbent will be at the center of the organization’s operations be a decision maker and work in injunction with the Program Director and twelve other supporting functional managers. Although there is not a requirement that the incumbent be from the greater DC area, to ease communications it would be desirable if the incumbent come from that area. The position does not require travel and could be done remotely. Attendance in the DC area to occasional meetings would be desirable. Handicapped Volunteers who can do the job remotely are welcome. Specific requirements for the position are:

1. Be adept at Word, Excel and Data Base Management.
2. Be able to manage the Wounded Warrior/Ill and Injured Data Base and the Mentor Data Base
3. Be able to match Wounded/Ill and Injured with Mentors from these Data Bases.
4. Assign matched Wounded/Ill and Injured with their selected mentors via a written communication and insure the two parties are in contact.
5. Maintain reports on each Wounded/Ill and Injured in a file and be responsible for the submission of those reports by mentors.
6. Work with and communicate with functional managers, as the situation requires.

This is a very critical important position in our organization and without it the WWMP perform its mission to assist the Wounded/Ill and Injured and their spouses at Walter Reed and Ft Belvoir to transition to a new productive life and profession. Training and adequate overlap with Bob Hendel, our present Operations Officer will not be a problem. Interested Mentors, or others from the outside who are interested by referral, please contact me by email or phone.

Lee Miller
Program Director
Wounded Warrior Mentor Program
Walter Reed NMMC or Ft Belvoir
Home: 301-601-2733
Cell: 240-620-5019