Internships in WRNMMC Clinics for Wounded Warriors and Spouses

If interested in an Internship in a WRNMMC Clinic, Contact MAJ Tom Summers 301-295-0980,  Building 9, Basement, Room 0809.  MAJ Summers will work on getting you an internship in a clinic of interest.  All internships are unpaid.

Operation Warfighter

WW Chris Powel and others

WW Chris Powell (center) with Chris’ supervisor Jean McComish (left) and WWMP Public Affairs Director Cheryl Beversdorf. Chris is interning with the U.S. Senate Sergeant at Arms Armed Forces Internship Program.

Operation Warfighter arranges internships in any of 24 Federal agencies, such as the Fish and Wildlife Service, USDA, US Department of Justice, HHS, DHS/Customs and Border Protection, etc.  Applicants who want a 3-to-6 month internship in one of these agencies should apply to Katie Spencer, email:, phone  703-428-7573 or  571-425-2939, or Jennifer Anderson, email:, phone 703-428-7561 or 580-483-6237.

It’s recommended that the Mentor and Wounded Warrior call Katie Spencer first to check on the availability of an internship in the agency(s) of interest and then send an email with the Warrior’s resume attached to apply.  With backward planning and depending on availability,  it is possible to do the internship in the DC area and then, subject to that agency’s having on office and available slot near the WW’s home, to transfer the internship to the office near home. It will take a lot of backward planning to make this happen but it is possible

Intelligence Community (IC) Program

intel_community_headerThe IC Program was established under the Director of National Intelligence (DNI).  The program allows a Wounded Warrior to get a Top Secret/Secret Compartmentalized Polygraph Clearance followed by an three to four month internship leading to a job within the 17 intelligence agencies in the US Government intelligence community or a defense contractor.

The requirements for an Internship leading to a job are:

  1. Seven months remaining prior to discharge;
  2. A prescreen by the Wounded Warrior’s Occupational Therapist as to (a) any UCMJ Article 15 or other violations of the law, and (b) any personal financial or bankruptcy problems;
  3. A behavior health assessment done by the medical staff;
  4. Completion of the SF 86 Form to apply for the TS/SCI Clearance for turning into  Agency;
  5. After the investigation period. award of the TS/SCI Clearance followed by the passing of a Polygraph;
  6. Successful completion of a three to four month internships in one of the 17 Federal Government Intelligence Agencies; and,
  7. Submission of a current resume to the 17 Intelligence Agencies.

Completion of these items does not ensure you of a job, but it greatly increases your chances.  If you are not hired by one of the 17 IC Agencies, you can be hired by a defense contractor.

For information on the IC Internship Program and to apply, contact either Jenn Falvey at 210-723-8380 or email her at or Dave Corey at 703-874-8224 or 703-932-3067 or email him at  You may also contact Torland Wingfield at the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) at 703-907-1915 or you may email him at or