About WWMP


WHAT WE ARE: The Mission of the Wounded Warrior Mentor Program (WWMP) is to assist Wounded/Ill and Injured including Spouses to transition to a new productive life and profession using education, internships and jobs as the mantle to accomplish this.  The WWMP matches volunteer Mentors with Wounded/Ill and Injured at Walter Reed NMMC and Ft Belvoir as well as other facilities in other parts of the US.

A trusted one-on-one dedicated volunteer personal advisor who will assist you and your family during your recovery and transition to a productive and meaningful life after wounds and/or injuries. 


This is a volunteer program to assist you and your family as you transition. Mentors are military academy graduates from West Point, the Naval Academy or the Air Force Academy plus retired Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine Corps officers & senior Noncommissioned Officers to include Special Operations Forces and military Nurses. Most Mentors have had successful private sector careers and many mentors are combat veterans.


It is a one-on-one relationship that begins with building a bond of trust between the Mentor and you, the Warrior in Transition (WT). While we coordinate with the Warrior Transition Units and Nurse Case Managers/Case Managers, our primary focus is you, the Warrior in Transition, and your family.  Mentors respect the confidentiality of information the WT’s share with them. Information is shared only on a need to know basis and is used only to assist you in a new productive life. We operate in accordance with the military medical treatment facility’s Privacy rules & regulations and HIPAA.


  • LIFE PLANNING: Help you, with your family, set life goals, plan a path to those goals for a productive life, and face the future realistically by laying out your options, and assisting you in making decisions about your future based on your interests and desires. Options may include a continuation of your military career by staying on active duty (COAD or CORD) in a different military specialty if you cannot retain your current one. Our focus is three to five years out. 
  • EDUCATION: Help you plan your education with a focus on preparing you to achieve your life-long career goals and then assist you in putting an education plan into action. We will work with and encourage you to take courses at local military bases and colleges as well as online courses paid for by the Department of Defense while you are still on active duty.
  • JOBS & Internships: We work with you for a follow-on job after military service and have an extensive list of job opportunities in the Washington D.C. area and around the country.
  • We also can advise you on finding internships that are available to you and guide you to the proper points of contact to be accepted into one during your transitioning period.
  • BENEFITS: Help you understand and take full advantage of your benefits such as the GI Bill and VA Benefits which may include the VA Vocational Rehabilitation Program.
  • FINANCIAL PLANNING: Assist you by providing direct help from a WWMP Financial Planner who will help you prepare a personal budget and make sound financial plans.
  • NAVIGATING THE COMPLEX DISABILITY SYSTEM: Provide a Disability Systems Mentor who can assist you with such procedures as the Integrated Disability Evaluation System’s (IDES) Medical Evaluation Board & Physical Evaluation Board (MEB & PEB), VA Disability, and Social Security Disability systems-both how they work and how to apply for them.   Additionally, help you understand the interaction among your Military Disability Retirement pay, your VA Disability Compensation payments, and Social Security Disability payments.
  • OUTREACH: Put you in touch with various individuals, organizations, and programs that are in place to help you meet specific needs.
  • GUIDANCE & ADVICE: Assist you in any way we can during your recovery, rehabilitation, and transition–to be a sounding board for your ideas, questions, and concerns as well as helping you understand and work through the complex military medical system. Provide a “Follow-On” Mentor at your home city/town when you leave, if you want one.

WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU LEAVE?FOR MORE INFORMATION: Go to our web site: https://wwmp.us/ or contact directly

It can be a tough transition—suddenly you’re away from the military medical environment and a place where you have been the focus of much attention. You may be thrust into an environment where people may be, at best, indifferent to your situation or back with family members who don’t know what to do. We have an expanding group of follow-on Mentors available in many parts of the country all ready to continue supporting and assisting you and your family. These follow-on mentoring services are available as long as you need them.

  • Walter Reed National Military Medical Center (WRNMMC) Bethesda Maryland WWMP MTF Site PM–Jon Dodson jbdodson@aol.com 703.307.1747
  • Fort Belvoir Community Hospital (FBCH) at Fort Belvoir, Virginia WWMP MTF Site PM: Pete Brintnall cmbrint@verizon.net 571.236.9860
  • MARINES/ALL MARINES—Hunter HART warriorsofbusiness@gmaze.com 443.883.0530
  •  AIR FORCE (USAF)  79th Medical Wing (MDW) at Andrews AFB, Maryland  AND ALL Air Force Wounded, Ill or Injured: Jim Connally mandjconnally@cox.net 703.625.8839

The Wounded Warrior Mentor Program is a non-profit charitable organization under Section 501(c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code and not a part of, nor endorsed by, the Department of Defense.