Videos About the Wounded Warrior Mentor Program

Wounded Warrior Andy Hatcher

In this video, WWMP Mentor Hank Kenny and Wounded Warrior Andy Hatcher discuss the Wounded Warrior Mentor Program and the role of the Mentor in helping Wounded Warriors transition to new productive and fulfilling lives. It was produced on 21 January 2011.

Wounded Warrior Sam Walley

In this video, Rich Massabny, host of “Conversations with Rich,” interviews WWMP founder Lee Miller, Wounded Warrior Sam Walley, WWMP Mentor Jim Schweizer, and soon-to-be-Marine Nikki Hawks. This show was produced on February 13, 2013 and broadcast on Fairfax Public Access Television.

In this video, Jeff Salkin, host of “Capital Circle,” interviews Wounded Warrior Sam Walley and his WWMP Mentor Jim Schweizer. This is a segment of the “State Circle” program ( shown on Maryland Public Television on October 25, 2013.