Communicating with Children

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Communicating with Children about Deployments

Communicating effectively with children about deployment – both before and during deployment – is critical for reducing stress and anxiety for both the children and their parents. 

Below is a list of resources that can help you work with your children when a parent is deployed/

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Childhood Traumatic Grief and Military Children

Children in military families are incredibly resilient and typically thrive among supportive family and friends who understand their needs. But there are times when their resilience is tested. Sadly some children and teens will not have the wished-for reunion with their military family member or friend, but instead will have to deal with the death of this special person. Others will have a reunion only to lose the person to a devastating death days, weeks or months later due to self-injury or other military-related causes. 

We’ve compiled the following list of resources to assist parents, friends and others to help children through these traumatic events.