Warrior and Family Support News

Walter Reed Soldier and Family Assistance Center (SFAC)
Bldg 62, 2nd Floor (in the WTB)
(301) 400-0208 – information desk

We provide assistance in nearly every area of a Soldier’s recovery and transition. SFAC employees assess individual and Family needs, provide information, make service referrals, and follow up as appropriate. 

Human resource assistance: help navigating Federal, state and military benefit systems, and linking them with related resources.

Social services: receive screenings and evaluations for referral, crisis intervention, and professional services for treatment as appropriate.

Finance: assistance navigating DFAS. Experts can help with military pay support, travel advances and travel settlements on DFAS.

Financial counseling: personal budgeting, spending plans, long-term and estate planning, Traumatic Servicemembers’ Group Life Insurance (TSGLI) and more.

Transition and employment assistance: transition benefits and preparation for the Federal and civilian job market. We help support the Soldier’s career goals that were developed with the Transition Coordinator and placed in the Comprehensive Transition Plan (CTP). Soldier for Life – Transition Assistance Program (SFL-TAP).

Educational counseling: provides on-site education support and counseling services, such as education benefits, assistance with the GoArmyEd internet service, and General Technical Score improvement classes.

Child and Youth services: coordination with services such as the Exceptional Family Member Program and Morale Welfare and Recreation (MWR) Activities. Advise on hourly child care and youth programs.

Website: Soldier Family Assistance Center (SFAC) Walter Reed Warrior Transition Brigade

Fort Belvoir Soldier and Family Assistance Center (SFAC)
5965 6th Street, Bldg 1263
(571) 231-7000

Fort Belvoir Soldier and Family Assistance Center (SFAC) provides customized, integrated support services dedicated to serving Soldiers in Transition (STs) and their Families. The SFAC is a one-stop location to equip and aid Soldiers in making life changing decisions as they transition either back to duty or to civilian life. The SFAC staff is a team of professionals who realize that individual needs require individual attention, and we are responsive to those needs.

Human Resources Assistance: HR related services, to include updating emergency contact information and insurance delegations, updating the Defense Eligibility Enrollment System (DEERS), issues Common Access Cards or Military IDs to family members, and ensures service members’ personnel records are accurately managed.

Social Services: provides a wide range of services for STs and their Families based on needs identified through professional assessments; conducts and/or coordinates training on behavior health awareness, suicide prevention and information on maintaining overall well-being; provides referral services to agencies, counseling, parenting education and family therapy; schedules onsite classes on a variety of subjects like stress and anger management.

Financial Counseling: assists Soldiers and Family Members with a wide range of financial services to include Army Emergency Relief loans & grants, emergency food vouchers, household budgeting & planning, saving and investing, credit counseling, home buying, consumer affairs, and group classes on financial management.

Education counseling: providing soldiers with assistance in using the GoArmyEd Portal to apply for Federal Tuition Assistance, assisting Soldiers with their knowledge of the Veterans Educational Benefits such as the Montgomery GI Bill, and the Post 9-11GI Bill, researching various scholarships and grants for service members and their families, conducting trainings related to educational meeting educational goals.

Website: Fort Belvoir Soldier and Family Assistance Center

Joining Forces to Support Military Communities and Families Through COVID-19 Crisis

Our nation, our military families, and the communities they live in are facing a crisis like we have not faced in one hundred years. It is a public health crisis first, but its ripples are impacting every aspect of life. Our national security depends on ensuring we provide our defense communities and military families with understanding, information, and support.

The Association of Defense Communities (ADC), Blue Star Families, and participants of the White Oak Collaborative have joined forces to create the COVID-19 Military Support Initiative (CMSI)—a united, national platform to provide resources and expertise to support communities, states, and military families through this crisis. Ultimately, the mission of the CMSI is to share information, maintain engagement, and develop best practices and policy approaches to ensure our military receives the support it deserves.