DoD Benefits

DoD Benefits Handbook

DoD Wounded, Ill and Injured Compensation and Benefits Handbook is 64 pages of invaluable information. (PDF document)

Concurrent Retirement and Disability Pay (CRDP)

Concurrent Retirement and Disability Pay (CRDP) allows qualified disabled military retirees to get paid both their full military retirement pay and their VA disability compensation.

Special Compensation for Assistance with Activities of Daily Living (SCAADL)

Special Compensation for Assistance with Activities of Daily Living (SCAADL), provides monthly compensation for service members who incur permanent, catastrophic illnesses or injuries in the line of duty that require the services of a home health aide to provide non-medical care, support, and assistance. SCAADL provides up to 90 days of payments after separation from active duty based upon the level of care needed and prevailing rates for home health aides in the geographic area of the service member’s residence.  DD 2948 is the form to use to apply.

Pay Allowance Continuation (PAC)

Pay Allowance Continuation is special pay for Soldiers during a portion of their rehabilitation time from wounds, injuries, and illness incurred in a combat operation or combat zone. Some special pays received in the combat zone cease when hospitalized and/or placed on PCS reassignment.


MyArmyBenefits, the official Army benefits website, provides easy access to Army benefits information. The site provides special information for severely injured Soldiers and their families in the Wounded Warrior section of the site and for surviving family members of fallen Soldiers in the Survivor Benefits section.

The web site for information on benefits and other items of interest.