Long-Term Education Programs

WW Andy Hatcher and Lee Miller
Former WW Andy Hatcher (left) with WWMP Founder Lee Miller. Andy is pursuing his Bachelor’s Degree in International Relations at American University in Washington, DC. Lee is Andy’s former Mentor.

The planning of Long Term Education begins while the Wounded Warrior is in outpatient status at the MTF.

Long-Term Education Counselor Heather Bernard 202-550-8529  heather.bernard@verizon.net works with Wounded Warriors and spouses to:

  1. Assist them in selecting a career path and related education path to matriculate for a degree that fits the career path selected for example for a Law Enforcement Career, a Bachelors in Criminal Justice would be recommended.
  2. Assist them in selecting and applying to a university or college of their choice and location to fit the selected career path and location that best fits their future plans.
  3. Assist them in taking the necessary Preparatory Courses to pass such qualification exams for degree programs such as the SAT, GMAT, GRE, LSAT and MEDCAP.
  4. Work with the college and university and assist the Wounded Warrior and to obtain an official acceptance to the educational institution prior to discharge and reporting to the VA.
  5. Work with the Wounded Warrior and the Warrior Transition Unit as he/she goes through the MEB and PEB Board process leading to the selection of benefits under the Post 9/11 GI Bill or the VA Vocational Rehabilitation Program.
  6. Advise the Wounded Warrior and spouse on the LT Education Programs available.

Available VA Assistance Programs

  1. The Post 9/11 GI Bill
    1. Provides 36 months of education at the state tuition rate. Tuition paid is capped at $17,500
    2. Provides a BAH based on the cost of living of the school in which enrolled and prorated on the days enrolled in the school.
    3. Provides for books and allowances.
    4. Provides for transfer of up to 36 months of education benefits  to spouses and children under certain conditions.
  2. The VA Vocational Rehabilitation Program
    1. Provides for 48 months of education of full tuition.
    2. Provides for a BAH  based on the cost of living for the school in   which enrolled prorated based on attendance.
    3. Provides for books and allowances
  3. The VA Chapter 35 Benefits for Spouses and Children (See Para 1.D, above)
    1. Provides for 45 months of education for a Spouse or Children for a Wounded Warrior who is declared 100% disabled.
    2. If it is believed by precedence that Wounded Warrior will be totally disabled by the DoD and VA MEB Board, the Wounded  Warrior may submit and get an approval enabling the Wounded Warrior’s spouse or children to begin using the benefit without waiting for the board process to declare the Wounded Warrior 100% disabled.

For all matters relating to the above-mentioned VA programs and benefits, including VA involvement with the MEB PEB Board Process, the VA Testing and Counseling Program, and acceptance into the VA Vocational Rehabilitation Program, the VA Counselor’s contact information by site is:

University of Maryland University College (UMUC) and Central Texas College Bachelor and Masters Degree Programs

This article provides information about how courses taken by wounded Warriors at Walter Reed, Ft Meade or Ft Belvoir can be transferred to colleges and universities by the Wounded Warrior once discharged or goes home all around the country or overseas.

Education Center Locations and Contacts:

Wounded Warriors with an interest in any of the above-mentioned programs should contact the Education Center at your location.  Locations and contact information follows::

Walter Reed NMMC:  Bldg 17, Rm 200

Navy and Marines: Elizabeth Baker,  301-295-5423

Army: Craig Branagan or Aaliyah El-Amin, 301-400-0179, in the SFAC, 2nd Fl, Bldg 62

Ft Belvoir:

Antionette Oliver at the SFAC, Email: antionette.r.russell-oliver@us.army.mil, PH:  703-805-4404  Cell:  511-314-6406  9800 Belvoir Rd Bldg 200

Ft Meade Education Center:

John Anderson , Director  PH: 301-677-0421   8601 Zimborski Ave