UMUC and CTC Programs

University of Maryland University College (UMUC) and Central Texas College (CIC) Bachelor and Masters Degree Programs

UMUC is an accredited university whereby courses taken by wounded Warriors at Walter Reed, Ft Meade or Ft Belvoir can be transferred to most other colleges and universities after discharge. CTC and UMUC have offices in all the 150 Education Centers around the globe. The UMUC contact at Walter Reed is Cherie Aker, Email:,  Bldg17 Rm 200.  The contact for CTC is Sarah Coleman,, Bldg17 Rm 200.

A list of Bachelor and Master Degree programs related to professions that have been popular in the past are at high demand occupation.  These  courses  are all offered on line.  The usual strategy is to take general studies courses and degree related courses while healing at the  military treatment facility and then transfer these credits to a university/college of the Wounded Warrior’s choice after discharge and going home.

  • Criminal Justice – especially for those WW’s who want to be police officers.
    • CTC offers an Associate Degree for Criminal Justice with some courses online.
    • Wounded Warriors can the transfer credits into the UMUC program for a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice. Most of the courses can be taken online.
    • The recommendation is to work on getting an associate degree while on active duty using the Tuition Assistance Program as most police forces now require an associates degree in criminal justice to be a police candidate.
  • Intelligence/Security
    • UMUC offers both a Bachelor and Masters Degree in this field which will complement an internship in Transportation Security Agency (TSA), Homeland Security, or the FBI.
  • Cyber Security
    • UMUC offers a Bachelors and Masters degree in Cyber Security.
    • Cyber Command, a new subcommand of NSA located near Ft Meade, has 250 military and 750 civilian slots. They are presently hiring and will accept internships for WW’s through the Intelligence Community Program through NSA. The recommended track is for the Wounded Warrior to get an internship in Cyber Command and go to UMUC to matriculate with a Bachelors Degree using the Tuition Assistance Program until discharge and then use the VA Vocational Rehabilitation Program to get the Bachelor’s Degree through the UMUC Cyber Security Program.
  • Fire Science
    • UMUC offers both a Bachelors and Masters Degree in Fire Science. Much of these programs is online.

Education Center Locations and Contacts:

If you are interested in any of the above-mentioned professions, please contact the Education Center at your location.  Contacts at Washington, DC area facilities are:

  • Walter Reed  NMMC:  Bldg 17, Rm 200
    • Navy and Marines- Elizabeth Baker  301-295-5423
    • Army – Craig Branagan or Aaliyah El-Amin, 301-400-0179 in the SFAC, 2nd Fl, Bldg 62
  • Ft Belvoir Education Center
  • Ft Meade Education Center
    • John Anderson, Director, Phone: 301-677-0421; Address: 8601 Zimborski Ave