Military and Civilian Partners

We provide complementary services to several organizations to assist our wounded, ill and injured service members as they recover and potentially transition to civilian life.

Military and Medical Facilities

Through our one-on-one mentoring, we complement the services provided by Nurse Case Managers and Care Coordinators.  The WWMP mentors these warriors to take ownership in their recovery process and work with them to develop a path forward.  This includes encouraging them to work with their military organizational staff to discuss their medical care and need for any assistance.   It is important to note that our Mentors do not provide medical advice or treatment, rather we enthusiastically recommend that the warrior openly discusses their needs with their assigned medical team so that an effective medical plan can be developed.

Military Support Facilities

The WWMP works closely with various Family Support Services to ensure that our efforts are not duplicative in nature.  By establishing strong relationships with these warriors and their families, the WWMP Mentor is uniquely positioned to aid the warrior in establishing a long-range plan that includes education, internships and identify where they envision themselves in five-ten years.  Our mentors encourage these warriors to speak with educational counselors to identify and utilize all available educational opportunities.  The WWMP also discusses the benefits of participating in governmental internships while in uniform.  Those interested are reminded to work through their transition coordinators to apply for these opportunities.

Private Public and Business Assistance

The WWMP has been very successful in establishing a network of supportive organizations that are committed to assisting wounded warriors as they transition past their immediate medical challenges.  Many have offered invaluable “no-strings-attached” support and have aided the WWMP with their mission of mentoring wounded-ill-injured warriors.  This support comes in the form of providing training/meeting space, coordination of efforts to support wounded ill and injured service members, auditing services and employment Opportunities for those medically retired warriors who request assistance.  The list of these patriotic organizations include:  the USO, Sentinels of Freedom, The Wounded Warrior Project, AGTA Group, BAE Systems and Booz Allen Hamilton, various State Employment Commissions and Proctor and Gamble (to name but a few).