Partners & Collaborations

A number of organizations have contributed greatly to WWMP’s efforts. We’d like to express our appreciation to the following organization for the assistance they have provided to WWMP and America’s Wounded Warriors:

Booz Allen Hamilton

Booz Allen Hamilton (BAH) is a long-time supporter of WWMP.  Nearly half of WWMP Mentors are now BAH employees.  BAH provides WWMP with logistical and program support in many areas.  BAH was instrumental in setting up and operating the WWMP outreach program at the San Antonio Military Medical Center.

Sentinels of Freedom

The Sentinels of Freedom is a nonprofit organization based in San Ramon, CA and run by Mike Conklin.  This organization works with severely Wounded Warriors, providing a wide range of services and assistance that is unavailable from government programs, with a particular focus on education.  Approximately one-quarter of Wounded Warriors mentored by WWMP go on to receive services and assistance from Sentinels of Freedom after leaving the military.

Procter & Gamble

Procter & Gamble has hired a number of Wounded Warriors.

BAE Systems

BAE Systems, a global defense and security firm, has hired some 100 wounded Veterans over the past 3-4 years, while BAE employees also have volunteered as Mentors themselves.

AGTA Group

AGTA Group, a CPA firm, has done a financial audit of the programs books.

NOVA Community College

Bruna Aponte, a student at the Northern Virginia Community College, Communication Design Department, Alexandria Campus. who designed the graphics for the post card used by the WWMP to contact Wounded Warriors.