Get Involved

Wounded Warriors in WTU

If you are currently in a Warrior Transition Unit (WTU) that has a WWMP Program Manager or Liaison, contact that person for more information.  It would be helpful if you could fill out the Wounded Warrior Request and Interest Sheet prior to meeting with the Program Manager or Liaison.

After Leaving WTU

If you are a Wounded Warrior who has left the WTU and is interested in a Follow-On Mentor, contact Bert David at (703) 550-3770 or by email.

Families of Wounded Warriors

Families of Wounded Warriors who are interested in working with WWMP should encourage their Wounded Warrior to contact WWMP.  While WWMP serves both Wounded Warriors and their families, due to privacy concerns, the Wounded Warrior must contact WWMP.

Prospective Mentors

If you’re interested in becoming a Mentor, please see our “Become a Mentor” page for more information and instructions.  If you would like more information on what’s involved in being a Mentor, take a look at our “Mentors’ Role” page.  Or email us if you have more questions about becoming a Mentor in the Washington, D.C. area or in other parts of the Country.

Prospective Employers

Hiring a Wounded Warrior is good business.  If your company or organization is interested in hiring Wounded Warriors, please email Greg Wilcox.

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