Education Process at WRNMMC

The education process for WW’s involves an initial assessment by the WW Transition Brigade and referral to the Education Center Counselors for near-term education counseling.  While at WRNMMC, WWs can utilize the Tuition Assistance Program (TAP), that offers online and some Face-to-Face courses at WRNMMC by the University of MD University College, Texas Central College, Montgomery College and other local colleges.  WW’s have $4,500 per fiscal year available for this purpose that does not count against their GI Bill and Veterans benefits.  This process should include outpatient VA Aptitude Testing and Counseling by the VA Representative – Maribel Brisson (571-231-7009) Rm 108A of Bldg 11 to assist the WW decide on what curricula and new profession to pursue.

Once the near-term education program is under way and the aptitude testing completed, WW’s and their Spouses need to make long-range education decisions on the profession and curricula they intend to pursue upon discharge from WR.  This normally involves selecting a college or professional school as well as selecting a curriculum to pursue.

Prior to discharge and at the time of the beginning of the Medical Evaluation Board, the Wounded Warrior may sign up for the VA Vocational Rehabilitation Program through Maribel Brisson (See contact information above).  WW’s and their Spouses should consult with the long-range education counselor – Heather Bernard (202-550-8529 Email:  She will work one-on-one with the WW to select a college or professional school and assist in the application process while at WRNMMC.

The selection process also involves maximizing the educational benefits available to the WW upon discharge from the WRNMMC. These include the various VA education assistance programs as well as the VA Vocational Rehabilitation Program (if 20% or more VA disabled).  Wounded Warriors desiring to transfer educational benefits from the Post 9/11 GI Bill can transfer up to 36 months of educational benefits to their spouses and children provided the WW meets the length of service requirements.

While healing at WR, the Wounded Warrior and Spouse should be prepared to report to the VA upon discharge with a firm plan long range plan, have been VA Tested and Counseled, and have a consolidated transcript and acceptance in hand to the college of their choice.