Entrepreneurship Bootcamp for Veterans with Disabilities (EBV)

The Entrepreneurship Bootcamp is an opportunity for any Wounded Warrior or Veteran who wants to become an entrepreneur with a start-up venture or to go home and run a family business to learn the fundamentals of entrepreneurship and to prepare a business plan.

Interested Wounded Warriors must apply to attend and, if accepted, take an online course on Entrepreneurship. Once this course is completed, the Wounded Warrior or veteran reports to one of the following six top business schools in the country, depending on the time of year: Whitman School of Management Syracuse University; University of Connecticut School of Business; The College of Business, Florida State University; Krannert School of Management, Purdue University; Mays School of Business, Texas A & M University; or Anderson School of Management at UCLA.

You are there for nine full business days to complete a business plan on your venture. All travel, meals, lodging and tuition are provided. Wounded Warriors travel on orders from the WTU. Orders will be cut for you to attend the school while healing on active duty. If this is a husband and spouse venture, spouses are invited as well but attend a special nine-day Bootcamp at a later date.

After the nine days at the Business School, the Wounded Warrior is provided an entrepreneurship professor from the school to be your advisor free for one year. Likewise, you receive the services of a lawyer pro bono for one year. This is a great opportunity to test your interest and mettle to start up an entrepreneurial venture with little risk on your part.

Those interested in the Entrepreneurship Bootcamp Program should contact:

Lee Miller, email: mlmiller@verizon.net, or 301-601-2733 or cell: 240-620-5019; or

To apply for Admissions to the Bootcamp Program, contact add Katherine Ojae, Admissions Officer, at the Institute for Veterans and Military Families, Syracuse University, at 315-443-8791. For information on the EVB Program, contact Meghan Florkowski, PH:  315-443-4529 Email: mconroy@syr.edu.

For an application and a schedule for the Program: Go to  www.ebv.vets.syr.edu